Jessica Cluess on The History of Young Adult Fiction

Jessica Cluess is a young adult fiction writer with an active and growing readership. Her work deals with romance, fantasy, magic realism, and youth-oriented drama.

In recent years, the rise of dystopian storytelling in young adult (YA) fiction has garnered a great deal of attention and speculation. The genre has even begun to split into “new adult” fiction as YA audiences mature. While it’s normal to look forward when discussing things to do with young audiences, Jessica Cluess points out that YA fiction has a longer and richer history than most might otherwise assume. We asked Jessica Cluess to share her knowledge on the topic. Here’s just some of what we covered.

Jessica Cluess

Jessica Cluess on The History of YA Fiction

Judging by the popularity of the Lord of the Rings films among adult and even aging fans, Jessica Cluess argues, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the books were intended for a youth audience. This alone draws young adult fiction all the way back to 1937. The original Alice in Wonderland material was published in 1916, making YA fiction older still.

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